sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009


i'm feeling blue..cuz i'm a girl and love is everything for me..(8)even some pipol think it is not!.. words from soul(8) is just to say the true..(8) so xioo now!! missin' my bro missin' my old friends..missin' a hug! missin' the future missin' almost yesterday..missin' even dont know wha..! know u're there my jisus i know that and that's amazing! take my dreams take my everything.. and give me yours! songs to make me happy..hope so! if somebody ask for me dont tell anybody where i gone(8) ..

y con el mayor placer gastare lo mio y aun yo mismo me gastare por amor de vuestras almas, aunq amandoos mas sea amado menos..*

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